Zimmermann kills me!!

I want this Zimmermann dress soo bad! But its $1100!! eekkk, i think i will be dreaming and wishing for a long time for this baby!!
First Pic: Tallulah Morton- RUSHH
Second Pic: Zimmerman witches chain panel dress- $1,100


Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

ow i am dreaming for this too. maybe i dream super hard it will appear on my doorstep? ha fat chance. x LM

John Haro said...


Do you mind contacting me? I couldnt find an email for you.

my email: orahnhoj@gmail.com

John, at FashionCopious.com

stephanie said...

Great blog lady!!


i.d. said...

Awww they recently had a sample sale in Sydney. My friend works in one of their shops and scored all sorts of awesome stuff, including a gold sequinned cape. I love all their clothes. x