7 Songs for Spring/Summer; Recently tagged by the lovely Bostonista .
Its winter for me as i live in Australia, but the season doesnt really bother me anyway

1. Violet Hill-Coldplay
2. I like the way- Kaskade
3. Labels or Love-Fergie
4. Lights and Music- Cut Copy
5. Ready for the floor-Hot Chip
6.Paris is burning-Lady Hawke
7.Viva La Vida-Coldplay

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RUSSH Issue 23- Raw Power has just hit the news stands.

Cant wait to get my mittens on the new read. This magazine gives me goosebumps everytime i read it! So tomorrow morning on my way to work i shall be grabbing my starbucks skim latte, and this new edition.

Here's a sneak peek.

Ashley Olsen-Marie Claire

Romper Stomper

This season's girly girl may look like she has her head in the clouds, but her feeet are planted firmly on the ground in a pair of tough no-nonsense boots. While bovver, combat and those cushion-y delights, Dr Martens, appeared all scuffed and rainbow-laced in the grungy 90's, the noughties have brought a little gloss to the trend.

Try Dr Martens patent Neon Pink boots. If thats a little out there for you then slip your feet into a black pair of their signature plain black or patent Dr Martens which you will be able to team with almost anything in your wardrobe.Or you could even try a pair of their Vintage originals, which are a direct replica of the VERY FIRST boots to roll off the production line on the 1st April 1960.

On a recent Vogue photo shoot, Kerr spoke with beauty and health editor Alexandra Spring and shared a few secrets on how she manages to maintain that body. Besides being blessed with good genes, the Gunnedah-born beauty’s strong lithe frame is a result of a healthy eating plan and five years of dedicated yoga training.
While many of her colleagues might be seen smoking and sipping Diet Coke with a mobile phone pressed to their ear on fashion shoots, Miranda Kerr positively bounds with endless energy. The Aussie supermodel has long been interested in a healthy mind, healthy body manifesto. And it shows.
“I can feel the first-hand benefits of when I do take care of myself and feed my body. I feel such a huge difference after yoga and after I meditate. It might not work for everyone but it definitely works for me,” she tells Spring on the shoot.
After only four hours of jet-lagged sleep, Kerr looks every bit the fresh-faced beauty as she steps into a pair of super-skinny jeans, Gucci heels and a glossy patent Burberry Prorsum jacket.

Photography: Emma Wood and Richard Bailey
Trend Report: Blazers..

This season I've noticed that many trendsetters are embracing this mannish trend of masculine-cut blazers, but its so feminine. Teamed with a sweet short dress or a pair of jeans and high heels makes us all want to be apart of Kate Moss's new fetish!

Winter in Australia has only just began and im already hating on it...for some reason my body can never adjust to the cold weather..but then again can anyones? The above picture makes me want to start counting down the days already till summer hits our shores so in turn I purchased the beautiful Missoni Acqua perfume today. It alows me to get that little closer to the feeling of summer/warmth. It is a beautiful fragrance i've had my eye on for a while...Acqua has top notes of bright bergamot, juicy melon, fresh grapefruit and sensual narcisse; a heart of velvety violet, voluminous peony, blue freesia and crisp muguet, and a drydown of Tuscan iris, jasmine and glimmering “sole,” said to represent “the warmth of the sun hitting the open water.” And let me assure you, it really does represent “the warmth of the sun hitting the open water”. When I smelt it, I was instantly transported to the beach. Images of the Mediterranean!!

This interview did not interest me one bit, but for all you Lauren Conrad fans Nylon has sat down for round 2 with the Hills star...

This time: Accessories! Last month, Lauren Conrad made a NYLON office pit stop to discuss her new clothing line.This month, we met her at the London Hotel to see her new accessories range.Made in collaboration with mark (you know, the makeup company), the new stuff includes bejeweled headbands a la Blair Waldorf, plus pendants, bangles, and a special necklace for charity. Here's what she said:
About working with marc and Avon:"It's this amazing company run by women... even my little sister, Brianna, sells the makeup to her friends... but she almost won the top salesgirl prize, and the prize was a dinner with me! She was so pissed when she found out. She was like, Lauren, you are so lame."

About her LA fashion show:"I cried as soon as I got backstage."

About her accessories issues:"My big problem is gloves. I bought all these swing coats for when I travel, and they're great but your arms get really cold! So I designed long gloves to take care of that."

About being a bad driver:"I can't talk on a Blackberry and drive at the same time. That was my last accident... I was doing my Blackberry and I hit someone. Oops.

About hats:"I love berets, so I designed some for mark. I wanted to pack them for Paris, but it was too cliche. Like, the American girl in Paris with her hats."

What does model Agyness Deyn eat on a daily basis? NYmag has it all covered...

Agyness Deyn — a Manchester, England, native who is the face of Armani and who last month appeared on the cover of Vogue when the magazine named her one of “The World’s Next Top Models” — got tired of crossing the pond for work and, as of a few weeks ago, is now a full-time New Yorker. It has taken some adjustment: “It kind of freaked me out at first how much everyone eats out,” she says. “At home we’d go out for food one night on a weekend. Here I’m eating out every single meal. It’s really bizarre.” To find out just how bizarre, we asked her to recount everything she’s eaten recently.

Thursday, May 31, 2007: If I have to go to a shoot, I’ll have breakfast at home. I had cornflakes.
For Lunch "I had cheese and ham dumplings with apple sauce from Veselka. It’s at the end of my block. Even though New York is so big, you have real community spirit. I already know all the people in the shops on my block.
For dinner I had beans on toast from
Tea and Sympathy, with English tea. I go there when I’m feeling a bit homesick and I want a good cup of tea. It’s totally spot-on English.

Wednesday, May 30: I had granola and fruit from Veselka, and coffee and orange juice.
For lunch I had sushi on St. Marks Place. I had California rolls, miso soup, and sashimi.
For dinner I had a margherita pizza at
Stromboli. Pizza is my favorite food — the thinner the crust, the better. My step-dad works for a company in England that makes pizzas. As a kid we used to invent the flavors; we’d all sit around and eat the pizza and do a questionnaire afterwards.

Tuesday, May 29: I had pancakes and scrambled eggs from Veselka. My friend and I were discussing it the night before when we were drinking. I was like, “That’s such a weird combination— it’s so gross.” He was like, “You can’t comment on it until you try it.” The next day we went in and had it, and it was really nice!
For lunch I had a Cobb salad at home. I live on my own, so when I eat on my own it’s quite simple.
If I’m having friends over, I kind of like making shepherd’s pie and chili con carne. That night I had pasta pesto at home with friends. We had strawberry-cheesecake ice cream from the vegan place
Atlas. The desserts there are so amazing.

Monday, May 28: At home I had mixed berries and yogurt. For lunch I had a vegan crêpe with mixed vegetables from
Angelica Kitchen. I have a lot of vegan friends, so I eat at vegan restaurants a lot. Dinner was a slice after a movie.

Sunday, May 27: I had fruit and yogurt and a Starbucks coffee.
Later I was with Louie, my booker; I took him to Atlas, and he was shocked about how great it was. I chose all the ingredients for my salad — goat cheese, cranberries, and walnuts. The homemade lemonade is really light — it’s vegan, so it’s not very sweet.
I had the Sunday roast dinner at Tea and Sympathy. Yorkshire pudding, roast beef, vegetables, stuffing, gravy, and roast potatoes. It’s exactly what you’d go to your grandparents' house to have.

Saturday, May 26: For brunch I had eggs with Canadian bacon and home fries from Veselka. Good old eggs and bacon. Except I don’t really like Canadian bacon — when it came I was like, “Where’s my bacon?” The waitress said, “That’s what it is.” I was like, “I’ve been cheated.” Then I ordered a sausage to compensate for not having the bacon.
Later I had couscous salad from Atlas — it was couscous, chickpeas, onions, peppers, herbs all mixed together and dolloped on a plate. They also have tofu frozen yogurt, and you can add stuff — we added peanut butter and chocolate.

Bloody bitch is all i can say!!!

Your thoughts? Alien-like Carmen Solomon is only 168cm/ 5ft6, will her unique/alienish look be enough to break her a career in modelling?