On a recent Vogue photo shoot, Kerr spoke with beauty and health editor Alexandra Spring and shared a few secrets on how she manages to maintain that body. Besides being blessed with good genes, the Gunnedah-born beauty’s strong lithe frame is a result of a healthy eating plan and five years of dedicated yoga training.
While many of her colleagues might be seen smoking and sipping Diet Coke with a mobile phone pressed to their ear on fashion shoots, Miranda Kerr positively bounds with endless energy. The Aussie supermodel has long been interested in a healthy mind, healthy body manifesto. And it shows.
“I can feel the first-hand benefits of when I do take care of myself and feed my body. I feel such a huge difference after yoga and after I meditate. It might not work for everyone but it definitely works for me,” she tells Spring on the shoot.
After only four hours of jet-lagged sleep, Kerr looks every bit the fresh-faced beauty as she steps into a pair of super-skinny jeans, Gucci heels and a glossy patent Burberry Prorsum jacket.

Photography: Emma Wood and Richard Bailey

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