Our swim up bar at our second resort- Heaven!

Jet Skiing at Patong beach- i was so scared as you can tell by my face. He is super crazy on these things!

The crystal clear water at phi phi island- how amazing is this you can see right to the bottom!

This story was so sad- there is actually a monkey farm/rehibilitation centre thing for them as monkeys in Thailand are actually illegal and these have all been abused by owners. One was almost beaten to death and its arm and leg was chopped from its body! So cruel thats why i did not support them and had no pictures with the monkeys on the street becuase they pay the policemen on the street to say nothing!

Our very first resort-this was the day bed and you swam out into the pool
Koh Samui-Dinner
Fireworks Koh Samui
Bowling at our resort (i came equal last with Carissa haha)
Monkey beach-it stole the drink hehe
Hagens chocolate waffles-amaaazing
Koh Pangan Full Moon Party
Buckets at full moon party
Full Moon!!!
Our last resort-5 star amaziingg!!

Cave near phi phi- people actually live in here(this is on a tiny rock/island formation in the middle of the sea)!

Feeding the fishys in the water at phi phi
On our elephant ride so cute

We nearly died on this canoe ride in the lake! The group left us and we took a wrong turn and got stuck in the middle of the lake! We screamed until they heard us haha typical girls.
Fantasea show
Fantasea (its like a crazy show with animals they make the elephants do tricks etc. I couldnt capture it tho no cameras were allowed inside)
Sunset Patong
Hectic powerlines Patong beach
Patong Beach- they all get around on crazy i dont think they have road rules and on our way to Fantasea we saw someone get hit and run over by a truck!
this kitten was sooo tiny! but it was feral ew there is so many feral cats and dogs i feel sorry for them
Small meal at maccas-which is like a medium for Australians
early morning on patong beach they were just setting up the beach chairs

All of the above was our trip to Phi Phi island and Maya Bay. This place was amazing you seriously all need to visit if you havnt as of yet. The yellow sticker on my dress (me on the right) was our group haha we were the "haaapppy ppl" our leader spoke so cute
Koh Samui-the guy with the board of jewlery just walks around all day trying to sell! I brought a few off him i felt sorry for him but they were hand made!
Maya Bay
Waiting to leave our hotel to go to the airport
Our first night in Koh Samui- We got quite drunk on the beach as we spent the whole day flying/travelling to get there!
Myself and Carissa at the full moon party beach at Koh Pangang. This pic doesnt really show it but this island and beach was flooded with people for the party!
Drinking Cocktails at our resort pool!

So there you have it! Pretty much my whole trip to thailand, obviously i have ten thousand photos from my holiday but i could not put them all up. My friend broke my camera half way through the trip, hence the bad quality in some of the pictures.

My favourite place was the day trip to Phi Phi Island and Maya Bay where they filmed the beach is absolutely breath taking! Crystal Clear (and i mean it- you can see the bottom) waters with pure white sand contrasted to picture perfect blue skys. I didnt believe it when i saw peoples photos and then i experienced it myself! So its a must do if you go! The snorkeling there is also amazing such pretty colourful fish and turtles. I couldnt quite sync the whole breathe through the nose and out through the mouth without getting water up my nose and choking heheh!
Koh Samui was also a great adventure- we hired a jeep for a full day which only cost 800 baht soo cheap considering a taxi to the airport cost that much and we had this for 24 hours. It was roofless and we sat in the back drinking the whole way round the island. I recommend this to anyone as it allows you to tour with freedom and stop off where you like for as long as you like.
Koh Samui was also crazy with parties in the lead up to the full moon party and all night as soon as the sun was setting the fireworks were non stop!
I have alot more pics also on friends cameras from the jeep ride and underwater shots, so hopefully i can get my hands on a few soon to share with you all!

Tallulahs Town

Ahh so sorry for the scattered blogging as of late, life has been hectic since my return from Thailand. Im yet to post pics of my trip, but i promise they are on there way. I really havnt sat still in one place-let alone state since i have been back. I've just made the big move down to Melbourne to study Public Relations (PR) at uni. I have to be up at 6am tomorrow morning for time-tabling and if all goes well i can enforce some routine back in to my life instead of been so chaotic!

The new RUSSH is on sale WEDNESDAY :) yipee!! I cant wait to see Tallulah's spread!

She does amazing things

Erin Wasson showing her collection during fashion week with the support from Alexander Wang. AMMAZING..and i want those shoes worn by the model with Leather shorts? on in the front row.

10 Facts you didnt know about me?

I've been tagged by the wonderful LoveMore she has amazing style and her blog is a top read!
Ok so i need to list 10 things about me! Im not very good at listing things about myself but here i go;
1. I'm the worlds biggest procastinator
2. Once i open a packet of something i must eat the entire thing no matter how sick i make myself feel
3. Im extremley self-confident- even tho you really couldnt tell
4. For my 21st bday i want to swim with the dolphins at seaworld and a ticket to a Victoria Secret Show haha
5. when i was a kid i had to eat weetbix every morning for breaky, now i nearly vomit at the sight of it!
6.i love been the centre of attention
7.I have the shortest attention span in the world, i cant even sit through on episode of the hills before i have to get up and do something else.
8. My favourite lollie is Columbines mmm
9. i wish i could go back in time to meet Andy Warhol and partake in his factory adventures
10. I have an addiction with wriggleys spearmint chewy gum

PICS: source unknown

Culture Feb/March 09

Melbourne model Christina Dietze graces the cover of the latest issue and features in the fashion editorial On The Lam.

I love her long locks and the natural beauty composed in all these photos!
Hair, Make Up and Photography by Macushla Burke