'Hibiscus Lace' bikini by Talulah Swim

Obsessed with my new bikinis by Aussie label, Talulah.

What an amazing print & colour?!! 

I can't wait to sport these in Bali..2 weeks and counting!

Stay tuned for pics wearing these!

Label: Talulah


Now that the Brownlow is over for 2013 i can finally share with you all the behind the scenes pics of my custom made gown, outfit and preparation details.
All of you made it possible for me to hit the red carpet and i couldn't have done it with out this amazing team and brands behind me.
The Gown: Bonita Couture
Hands down these ladies are one of the best in the business and i couldn't recommend a team more! From the very start to the finish of my gown they listened to me 100% of the way and tweaked my dress right up until the day. 
Given i have quite a small frame up top, the number one requirement for my gown was structure. This is something i found a lot of other couturist could not deliver on. I pitched to them my idea for the dress and from there-on-in they made this come to life finishing with the Bonita touch. 

Given i wanted something more fashion forward this year, i chose to have metal detailing worked in to my dress. The metal part of my dress was at first a challenge to work with but no task for these ladies was too hard and the finished product was beyond what i could of imagined! 

Bonita Couture also custom made me a gown for the Herald Sun photo shoot which featured  a few days prior to the Brownlow.


Adam & Santini have been nothing but supportive towards me from the beginning. Santini is my go-to for any event for shoes. They stock a fabulous range of shoes that are comfortable and stylish and for this reason i have always been loyal to Santini.

For the Brownlow I chose 3 looks from Santini and worked them through both my Herald Sun Shoot and the Bronwlow evening. 


A global luxury brand with exceptional quality jewlerry and accessories to die for! 
Bulgari provided me with a range of jewlery and my clutch for the brownlow evening. I fell in love with each piece (honestly how could you not?!). 
With their exceptional service from their Melbourne boutique and quality product i highly reccomend the team at Bulgari Melbourne.

Anton Jewellery- 
Choosing just a few pieces of bling was almost impossible but the team at Anton careful worked through their exclusive ranges with me to choose the best items to complete my outfit. 
The eye catching diamonds on both my rings, earings and bracelet certainly captured the media on the Swisse red carpet. Anton delivered yet again incredible service and product.

Georj Jensen- 

This brand definitely represents true quality through their timeless aesthetic design in their pieces. Both Male and Female products represent quality craftsmanship.

Marc wore a stand out Georj Jensen time piece on the evening, he loved this more than me i think putting it on at lunch time the day of!

I was lucky enough to wear an amazing two-tone diamond ring for my Herald Sun Brownlow Shoot. 

Reverse Skin Clinic- 

Their description "Come in with imperfect skin but leave young and radiant" I can assure you they deliver on. 
I went in with a horrific one-week old spray tan that had gone patchy on just about every part of my body. A true nightmare just a few days out from the Brownlow. 

However, using Tuscan Tan body scrub and spray tan they reversed what was at first a disaster in to an amazing all over summer body glow that was not patchy or orange and just perfect for Monday evening. 

I  had little faith at first this could be achieved but they truely proved me wrong and i recommend their service and products to anyone!

Nektaria Creative- 

There is nothing Nektaria and her team can not do. 

From start to finish Nektaria pulled together every part of mine and Marc's outfit. 

She constantly reassured me of how amazing everything would turn out and not matter what hiccup came up along the way there was no hour of the day she couldn't fix this and I honestly can't thank her enough for this!
Honecombe Hair Extensions & Styling-

I worked with Allison not long ago on a shoot and fell in love with the way she styled my hair. 

Allison achieves outstanding results and used Russian hair extensions (the best you can get) on the evening to make my hair full with volume. 

Heidi Beachen makeup-

Heidi is a true gem and her passion for her job and her expertise shines through her work. I trust Heidi to make me over for any event i need!