Summer Holidays!

For the next 2 weeks ill be away, which will explain the non-posting! Its the summer holidays and i have 2 weeks off work so im going down the South-East coast of Australia for a holiday on the beach! I cant wait to just tan at the beach and sip on cocktails! mm
Merry Christmas to all my beautiful readers and have a happy, safe, crazy new years :)
Au Revoir
P.s And you all know what i will be reading while tanning, (as per above pics,amazing yet again, the new issue of RUSSH :) )

Christmas Grinch

Ugh someone please save me from this nightmare! Honestly i never thought the day would come when i couldn't actually list one thing i wanted for Christmas. Ive worked hard all year for what i have, to the point where i have bought everything that's affordable from both myself and any possible buyers adorning me with gifts for christmas! So a little help will be much appreciated i know you all (i hope anyway) will have the longest list pinned on the fridge waiting for Santa to slide down the chimney and deliver. So perhaps you could share the ideas! Don't get me wrong i could go shopping right now (like i did today) and pick out a million things that is just like disposable fashion really. But i really don't want that. Christmas presents i believe should be meaningful! Yes -No? Maybe I've got it all wrong!
However i did do some online browsing just now and found some perfect jewelery from
Samantha Wills so i might just hint hint that to my boyfriend!
Maybe its just my turn this year to be the christmas grinch- uh-oh!

Tallulah Morton bags Velvet!

Tallulah Morton is the model that loves to party. But, for Velvet magazine's current issue she was willing to take a little break and wrap her head in different color vales. This editorial, shot by Marcus Ohlsson, is simple yet striking; And wants us to ask this lovely model to show us more of what she's got. But im sure we have all seen enough from the young cobra snake! or have we? Personally she is a favourite of mine as she is one of our Aussies!

Gold Member

Wow what an incredible jacket! Talk about 'Gold' member, there literally is no words to describe this piece by designer, Antonin Tron. Spotted outside the Gareth Pugh show on fashion designer, Romain Brau.
Pics: Jak & Jil

Lacey Legs

Mmm i love this look!

YSL S/S 09 Ad: Claudia Schiffer

The Hills Are Alive, featuring the YSL S/S 09 campaign shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin under the direction of YSL creative director Stefano Pilati. It was recently shot at the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles. The ads should find their way into magazine in February.

Word on the street

Photographer: Lachlan Bailey Model: Sasha Pivovarova Fashion Editor: Kate Phelan

the evil golden m

Yes how disgusting do i feel....I have had 3 lots of the evil big golden M in the past 24 hours, and if you thought that was bad enough- my boyfriend then ordered pizza!!!!!!! Ah i ate this too, it just smelt so good! And do you know what completley sucks? i cant exercise for 6 weeks due to my operation i had :(

Stereosonic Melbourne

Its that time of year again! Summer is here, and with the good weather we are also brought the amazing summer festivals.

I want to be her clone

The first week of December :) Christmas is always the happiest time of year, so i believe anyway.
I received the worst and most expensive leg wax today, im really quite frustrated by it. Although the lady did give me a rather nice compliment. She said "Do you know who Bridget Bardot is?" duh ofcourse im totally obsessed!.."Well you look just like her, you should really get into acting" ha i think thats far from the truth, but thankyou nasty leg waxer!