Christmas Grinch

Ugh someone please save me from this nightmare! Honestly i never thought the day would come when i couldn't actually list one thing i wanted for Christmas. Ive worked hard all year for what i have, to the point where i have bought everything that's affordable from both myself and any possible buyers adorning me with gifts for christmas! So a little help will be much appreciated i know you all (i hope anyway) will have the longest list pinned on the fridge waiting for Santa to slide down the chimney and deliver. So perhaps you could share the ideas! Don't get me wrong i could go shopping right now (like i did today) and pick out a million things that is just like disposable fashion really. But i really don't want that. Christmas presents i believe should be meaningful! Yes -No? Maybe I've got it all wrong!
However i did do some online browsing just now and found some perfect jewelery from
Samantha Wills so i might just hint hint that to my boyfriend!
Maybe its just my turn this year to be the christmas grinch- uh-oh!


Lindsay said...

I was having the same issue this year, so I asked for more stuff that I can use (Sonicare toothbrush, earmuffs, winter coat) rather than stuff I want.

ryder said...

link is not working. hm hm... this year for xmas, i dont wish for nothing material. i think i have everything. and lindsay gave really good advice. this year for my birthday i asked for plain nivea cream.


ah i love russh!