Harpers Bazaar Aus-March 09

Rule No.6- Go back to basics with the T-Shirt.

How gorgeous is Pania Rose! There is more to this editorial but i can't get my hands on the rest of the pics! 
But i love love love the styling- very RUSSH inspired congrats to Claudia Navone.

Model: Pania Rose
Photographer: Nicole Bentley
Styled by: Claudia Navone

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Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

oh man i LOVED these when i saw them too....aren't they just the cutest! i have them on my comp, can't get enough of them!

glad there are other credit card abusers out there! yes i must save some casshhh but it's too impossible. i just can't do it. i have an addiction! haha and also no income atm...that makes saving VERY impossible.

oh and didn't see the movie..grrr i explained in my new post. not happy! stupid brothers.

Hope your computer gets fixed soon!

love LMxx