She does amazing things

Erin Wasson showing her collection during fashion week with the support from Alexander Wang. AMMAZING..and i want those shoes worn by the model with Leather shorts? on in the front row.


Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

oh i love erin! she is far too brilliant! xx LM

Style On Track said...

I couldnt agree more with your statement :D

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

yes blazer is thrifted and wait for it..its a little boys one! hmmm clever head to the kids section at your locals and bag one! i love it cos it makes sense since i have no curves so fits well and the short arms are really cool! best $4 spent ever. amazing.
wow what a blazer rant i just had. obsessed doesnt come close hey. haha
hope all is well!!!

xxx LM

Anonymous said...

I love that collection!