This interview did not interest me one bit, but for all you Lauren Conrad fans Nylon has sat down for round 2 with the Hills star...

This time: Accessories! Last month, Lauren Conrad made a NYLON office pit stop to discuss her new clothing line.This month, we met her at the London Hotel to see her new accessories range.Made in collaboration with mark (you know, the makeup company), the new stuff includes bejeweled headbands a la Blair Waldorf, plus pendants, bangles, and a special necklace for charity. Here's what she said:
About working with marc and Avon:"It's this amazing company run by women... even my little sister, Brianna, sells the makeup to her friends... but she almost won the top salesgirl prize, and the prize was a dinner with me! She was so pissed when she found out. She was like, Lauren, you are so lame."

About her LA fashion show:"I cried as soon as I got backstage."

About her accessories issues:"My big problem is gloves. I bought all these swing coats for when I travel, and they're great but your arms get really cold! So I designed long gloves to take care of that."

About being a bad driver:"I can't talk on a Blackberry and drive at the same time. That was my last accident... I was doing my Blackberry and I hit someone. Oops.

About hats:"I love berets, so I designed some for mark. I wanted to pack them for Paris, but it was too cliche. Like, the American girl in Paris with her hats."

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