Winter in Australia has only just began and im already hating on it...for some reason my body can never adjust to the cold weather..but then again can anyones? The above picture makes me want to start counting down the days already till summer hits our shores so in turn I purchased the beautiful Missoni Acqua perfume today. It alows me to get that little closer to the feeling of summer/warmth. It is a beautiful fragrance i've had my eye on for a while...Acqua has top notes of bright bergamot, juicy melon, fresh grapefruit and sensual narcisse; a heart of velvety violet, voluminous peony, blue freesia and crisp muguet, and a drydown of Tuscan iris, jasmine and glimmering “sole,” said to represent “the warmth of the sun hitting the open water.” And let me assure you, it really does represent “the warmth of the sun hitting the open water”. When I smelt it, I was instantly transported to the beach. Images of the Mediterranean!!

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