What does model Agyness Deyn eat on a daily basis? NYmag has it all covered...

Agyness Deyn — a Manchester, England, native who is the face of Armani and who last month appeared on the cover of Vogue when the magazine named her one of “The World’s Next Top Models” — got tired of crossing the pond for work and, as of a few weeks ago, is now a full-time New Yorker. It has taken some adjustment: “It kind of freaked me out at first how much everyone eats out,” she says. “At home we’d go out for food one night on a weekend. Here I’m eating out every single meal. It’s really bizarre.” To find out just how bizarre, we asked her to recount everything she’s eaten recently.

Thursday, May 31, 2007: If I have to go to a shoot, I’ll have breakfast at home. I had cornflakes.
For Lunch "I had cheese and ham dumplings with apple sauce from Veselka. It’s at the end of my block. Even though New York is so big, you have real community spirit. I already know all the people in the shops on my block.
For dinner I had beans on toast from
Tea and Sympathy, with English tea. I go there when I’m feeling a bit homesick and I want a good cup of tea. It’s totally spot-on English.

Wednesday, May 30: I had granola and fruit from Veselka, and coffee and orange juice.
For lunch I had sushi on St. Marks Place. I had California rolls, miso soup, and sashimi.
For dinner I had a margherita pizza at
Stromboli. Pizza is my favorite food — the thinner the crust, the better. My step-dad works for a company in England that makes pizzas. As a kid we used to invent the flavors; we’d all sit around and eat the pizza and do a questionnaire afterwards.

Tuesday, May 29: I had pancakes and scrambled eggs from Veselka. My friend and I were discussing it the night before when we were drinking. I was like, “That’s such a weird combination— it’s so gross.” He was like, “You can’t comment on it until you try it.” The next day we went in and had it, and it was really nice!
For lunch I had a Cobb salad at home. I live on my own, so when I eat on my own it’s quite simple.
If I’m having friends over, I kind of like making shepherd’s pie and chili con carne. That night I had pasta pesto at home with friends. We had strawberry-cheesecake ice cream from the vegan place
Atlas. The desserts there are so amazing.

Monday, May 28: At home I had mixed berries and yogurt. For lunch I had a vegan crêpe with mixed vegetables from
Angelica Kitchen. I have a lot of vegan friends, so I eat at vegan restaurants a lot. Dinner was a slice after a movie.

Sunday, May 27: I had fruit and yogurt and a Starbucks coffee.
Later I was with Louie, my booker; I took him to Atlas, and he was shocked about how great it was. I chose all the ingredients for my salad — goat cheese, cranberries, and walnuts. The homemade lemonade is really light — it’s vegan, so it’s not very sweet.
I had the Sunday roast dinner at Tea and Sympathy. Yorkshire pudding, roast beef, vegetables, stuffing, gravy, and roast potatoes. It’s exactly what you’d go to your grandparents' house to have.

Saturday, May 26: For brunch I had eggs with Canadian bacon and home fries from Veselka. Good old eggs and bacon. Except I don’t really like Canadian bacon — when it came I was like, “Where’s my bacon?” The waitress said, “That’s what it is.” I was like, “I’ve been cheated.” Then I ordered a sausage to compensate for not having the bacon.
Later I had couscous salad from Atlas — it was couscous, chickpeas, onions, peppers, herbs all mixed together and dolloped on a plate. They also have tofu frozen yogurt, and you can add stuff — we added peanut butter and chocolate.

Bloody bitch is all i can say!!!


Unknown said...

This is going to sound terrible but I think she's exaggerating how much she eats. Because I've seen pictures of her back when she was just plain old Laura Hollins (or whatever her real name is) and she is NOT naturally thin. I mean, she looked like the average weight of any other girl. She's definitely working HARD to maintain that body. But it would look bad if she said, "skipped breakfast" or "skipped lunch" every few entries so she had to put something in. IDK I could be wrong but i don't think ANYONES work out regime works that well unless you're on some kind of strict diet too.

Sorry for ranting. I'm also just biased because I am not an Agyness fan AT ALL.

Added you to my blog roll! Hope you still want mine! Lol :)

Chelsea Rae said...

Know I feel better about my pizza obsession. I can now rationalize it by saying, 'well, Aggy eats loads of pizza too," even if it isn't true...

discotheque confusion said...

umm, yes, how is she eating like that as a model?

want to point out, it's not like it sounds like shes eating lots, but models just don't eat.


interesting though!