Everybodys free..Feel good!

You can always tell when the cobrasnake has graced the shores of Aus by the amazing style of the girls he photographs! Not sure who this chick is, but i love the S&B Singlet! I saw it when i was shopping on Sunday but told myself to be good, due to the fact im broke + winter is just around the corner!


Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

man she is stunning! yes i agree..he always takes the most amazing shots in australia..makes us proud to be!

you totally should have got that top! haha i am the worst influence.

and SHUT UP your body is amazing! i wish i envy yours..so we can swap :)

also where in syd do you live? i want to move back so bad!

xxx LM

Anonymous said...

This is TIERNAN from Vivien's Modelling Agency - Brisbane and Sydney.