American Idolatry

MAGAZINE: V Magazne #58
PHOTOGRAPHER: Terry Richardson
STYLIST: Nicola Formichetti


Victoria Hart said...

Anna Selezneva...I die! Haha, love the new header too :)

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

cool pics...but anna..i can't work out whether i LOVE her or HATE's weird..and it annoys me i can't decide! in this case's a love :)

thanks for your comment! sucks you had to leave syd..same situation for me..i was there a year and had some good friends there also, but came back home to be with family and start uni, but i deferred cos i am not sure if the course i got into is what i want to do..ohhh blah. but i was living right near coogee and clovelly beach when i was in lucky! so close to bondi junction! haha danger zone! (that's what my bestie and i call the junction, bad things happen there, haha).

hope you are enjoying being home!!! :)

xxx love LM