Melbourne Model

Wow she is just amazing! Totally love her long locks and the styling in this shoot!
Model:Christina Dietze
Photographer:Ben Wood


Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

yes her hair is amazing! i want it. sadly my hairdresser told me i can neve have long hair was a sad day :(

xx LM

Ash said...

She is great, I have seen her out heaps. She actually came up to me and did the whole "Baaaaaabbbe I love your top, wheres it from?" Which made me not like her as much anymore... (dont LOVE the whole "babe" and "hon" thing)

But I think she will do really well, she needs to get noticed by the likes of RUSSH and then skyrocket!!

Anonymous said...

i actually hope she doesn't get picked up by RUSSH because she is the most egotistical self-centered person i've ever seen. Her and her friends may look pretty on the outside but i know them personally and they have hideous personalities.

Ash said...

hehehe yes I know them too

they are not the smartest tools in the shed thats for sure!

But she does have a very RUSSH look about her...