Taylor Jacobson

Love her. Hate her. Love to hate her. Either way, one thing is for sure...We love this lady's style! A great buzz is going around about Taylor Jacobson. She is Rachel Zoe's Styling Associate and was recently thrown into the spot light with Zoe's reality show, 'The Rachel Zoe Project', on Bravo. Of course we are dying to know more about her, her fashion philosophies and tastes.
How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
A fabulous costume designer who was a friend of the family hired me to help on some films....since then I haven't stopped working.
Advice to those dreaming of a future as a stylist?
Its hard work!!!!!! Nothing glamorous about it.
Favorite designers?
McQueen, Balenciga, Temperley, Balmain, Chanel
Favorite accessory/accessories?
Love watches...masculine watches... best accessory
Favorite Fragrance/Perfume?
Ebba...Miss Marisa
We are all DYING to know where you get your hair cut and styled?
Tracey Cunningham at Niel George does the color, Byron Williams and Adir Abergel cut
Guilty Pleasure?
Romantic candle light dinners with Brad Goreski.
Your fashion philosophy or 'words to live by'?
Be your self...don't try so hard.
Favorite look from the Spring/Summer 2009 collections?
Balmain, McQueen
LA or NYC?
LA easier way of living...NYC definitely more exciting
Your future or upcoming plans?
One day at a time.
Everyone is coveting your necklace with the sideways gold cross pendant?
Kathy at Roseark. Great jewelry store
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She honestly has the best style ever! I'm obsessed!!