House of Harlow 1960

What inspired Nicole Richie's new line of jewellery? For starters her own treasure chest of more than 1,000 pieces from family, friends and exotic escapes.
I actually really like what i've seen so far from Nicole Richie's jewellery line (House of Harlow 1960). Im glad to see she is sticking to her roots of her own personal style,Big & bold, reflecting her love of vintage,and not some tacky perfume or clothing line. Rest assured it must be decent quality if we take note of the price tag.
Its available in stores and online in November.


SHIZUKA said...

i love her style, and absolutely agree! im so glad she stuck to 'her' style not just creating perfume collections etc ;)

$ouLphate said...

also glad she stuck to her style!

Angela said...

i like what i am seeing. ms. richie is casual but so stylish.