RUSSH with cover girl Vika K

Just like me, im sure you are all obsessed with RUSSH. Seriously no other mag even comes close to this treasure! So unless you have been living on another planet, or under a rock- same shit, im sure you would all agree.
So each night after work this week, i've been coming home to read this beauty! I love that i have the contacts to send me multiple copies each month for free :)..
Below i have shared some pics with you from the latest issue, and im dissapointed it wasnt bigger, after all, my monthlys- i.e Marie Claire have been twice the size in the lead up to the big summer issues! None the less, its still my number one love.

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Chloe's Chic Conception said...

YAY!!!! for posting Russh!!!! Love it and can't get it over here :(