The shoes;

As soon as i saw these shoes i told myself 'im buying them no matter how much they are', and i did!! I always wanted the balenciaga pair but my funds have never permitted, so these are the closest thing ill get! They have a massive heel on them but thats okay i can cope with that (They look bigger in real life)
I have to say when i brought these there was 2 middle age women standing around also looking at a few pairs of shoes around them. One of the ladies then picked this shoe up and said 'omg hooker heels for sure' and laughed. What the hell lady i wanted to slap her right then and there. I dont understand nor can i comprehend the people that dont have a passion for style, i just cant deal with them. So i then went and tried them on and they were staring at me and laughing, my bf was like know they make too much of a statement look.. Ugh like i care those two ladies have the ugliest outfits on i have ever seen, not to mention their bag, shoes etc la la la i get mean when people dont understand how amazing clothing, shoes, bags etc are ..but their hot right??? Tell me im not going insane..
There was only one 7 left and they wernt sure if they were getting anymore in so i had to take them! I think they may have been returned also as the box looked a little tampered and i think one strap is stretched but i dont care i had to have them!! O the things women do to get what they want :)


Unknown said...

Those are fab! I also sometimes just decide that no matter how much something is I'm getting it and thats that!
I'm glad you like the Lagerfeld is extreme and hilarious but way too expensive! I can't see them actually selling out.

ssh said...

ugh yeah me too it doesnt help my savings hehe! yeah there will be someone crazy enough out there that will im sure of it!