Rachel Zoe to have her own reality show

Starting Monday Sept 8 is Rachel Zoe's reality tv show! I cant wait, im a huge fan of zoe's styling. I read her book back to front many times, now i cant wait to watch, re-watch and watch again all the episodes of her new show!!!Juggling deadlines, attending fashion shows, and dressing celebrity clients are just some of the things we'll witness.


Chloe Tejada said...

I got Zoe's book "Style From A to Zoe" for Christmas and even though I don't really like the way she dresses some celebs (aka Nicole, Lindsay) her style philosophy is worth paying attention to. She actually makes a lot of sense ie. not paying a lot of money for trendy pieces, stick to classics. It's a good read.

ssh said...

i do agree with you there on the last past! i also just love reading everyone's opinions on fashion styling especially from all parts of the world..and what influences them etc...and i was very impressed with her interior desiging...so much so i went brought the exact lamp she uses in her lounge :)

Unknown said...

I really dislike her but I'm actually really looking forward to this show. And I think she does do some interesting things with fashion styling but not always. She's definitely a personality and a character and fashion always needs those!