MK Olsen- September ELLE UK

'Oh my God, I’ve handcuffed myself!’
Mary - Kate has an innate sense of style
‘I get inspired by old films, weird things'
‘I didn’t know I loved acting until I stepped away from it’
Mary - Kate’s is a compelling, old-world differentness
She danced with a quixotic abandon to the Rolling Stones
Fame used to be so glamourous
'I don't like to be photographed'
' To laugh with your friends is so much fun'

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Unknown said...

I've gone to two different Barnes & Nobles over the past week and neither of them have this issue but they still have plenty of last months. I finally broke down and read the article online which I really didn't want to do but oh well. She looks amazing. She's definitely my style icon.

ssh said...

really..yes i had to resort to the online version aswell as overseas mags are few and far between in our newsagents here!
But it was worth 6 page read or more.? She is my #1 style icon too along with ash!! luv luv luv :)..i also love the fact she doesnt care what people think about her because you know, this is almost #1 on girls insecurities list xxx

Richel said...

I can't wait to see this issue. I saw the behind the scenes and she was flipping fantastic.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your sweet comments about my mask post! I should be used as a form of art!