I brought these babies last week, YSL does not agree with my bank account so i had to settle for these, which im still OBSESSED with.
However i now want these also arghh. Balenciga if you're reading? :)


Breeahna said...

Love the YSL tribs. Nothing beats them right now in my books.

Brittney said...

Id die for the balenciagas aswell babe
Still loving your purchase though


Anonymous said...

where are the 'YSL' from, and how much do they cost?


Phoebe Rose said...

Love teh YSls and adore the Balenciaga's! Great shoe taste :)


vogue said...

Elena, they are from Green with envy in melbs, the brand is denso and i think they were $240 xx

Anja Nicoline said...

the ones in the corner down on the left, are amazing! I just bought them , here in Norway. Love them!