Ahh yes Mr wang! We are all in love. The Spring 09 Lookbook is now released- even tho we had already seen previews.
I desperately want that dress and jumper!! I'm sure you're all drooling too!


Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

ihdkkdfhsdjf = the drool did that on my keyboard..haha

oh i love that jumper as much as the first time i lay my eyes on it! looooove at first site. tear. as i will never have a such a garment. lets all keep dreaming anyway.

thanks for asking about my friend! yes she is ok now, i am not sure exactly where it happened..i will get back to you though for warning!

and thanks for liking my photos...haha i try. i need to spend more time on it though..and get 'inspired'!

hope you had a lovely monday! i will now dream of this jumper. so thank you xxx LM

i.d. said...

The dress is divine. Alexander Wang is definitely one to watch, I think he's our generation's Marc Jacobs (yep, I'm putting it out there!) xx

hannah-rose said...

oh yes yes YES! that sheer dress with the embroidery on it is fabulous and perfect and oh so cool. how does he do it?

i've got a new boyfriend, and its mr wang. i have a feeling this relationship will last a very long time.



This inspires me =] I wish I could own it all.

Thanks for your comment, love. xxx

yiqin; said...

I am in love too! I want that ripped sweater! Totally awesome. A Wang's a genius eh? Btw, awesome header!