Vogue Nippon

Definate Winter trends for 09 will be these amazing f***'n boots i desperately want, and of course the fitted blazer!


AK said...

Love everything about the photos!

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

thanks for comments!
no didn't see the leather jackets! i have a topshop one on the way so shouldn't buy another one! sucks they had run out of the vests though for you! i am guessing no one in adelaide realises how amazing they are yet! oh well lucky for me! haha they had so many on the rack. it won't take long though i am sure.i will be starting double degree in Bachelor Teaching / Bachelor of Arts..how about u?!
xxxx LM

Shannon said...

Hey =)
I came across your blog and i think its really great. I love your banner..its friggen awesome.
P.s....also love the post about Cheyenne, she gorgeous.