Happy belated aussie day!

Me getting my hair done just after makeup:

The final product(but this pic was taken at the end of the night after the rain had got to it):

The massive flag!

Amazing interior
Swimwear publicity shots:

Me (in the pink swimmers) & my friend:
Then it was time for the Playboy Fragrance Promo (Me on far right):

Me doing who knows what (wearing Amy Taylor dress and my own shorts):

Guests and random pics of the day:
Model Jamie Wright
Miss Australia: Laura Dundovic
Timmy and Aussie designer Wayne Cooper
Happy belated Australia Day to all the aussies amongst us on this blogosphere! I modelled at the IVY pool on George street in Sydney for the FAMOUS magazine party. It was an amazing day, lots of a-listers and veuve and moet consumed (by me of course hehe), and the venue (if you havn't been before) is mind boggoling-the place is decked out head to toe in Missoni. I'm definately a big fan! We were dressed in swimwear by JETS, sunglasses by Le Spec, afternoon and evening wear by Amy Taylor and the amazing jewlery was from Sassi Sam. Hair was by Christopher Hanan- very crazy rockstar look, we all stood out which was great! Make-up by the Makeup Bar, other sponsers included Playboy, Hypoxi etc! I hope you enhoyed my pics!


cleo said...

omg!!!this place is gorgeous:)

Anonymous said...

pics are great - but i dont think you can say A-listers were there?? who??

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

aweseome pics! and wayne cooper! i hung out with him for a whole night in adelaide when he was here last year...went in his limo and everything! ahaha random night it was!

and i had NO idea you were like a model!? GUSH girl you are a hottie! who do you model for? you are very pretty and gorgeous body! i envy you!

hope you have an amazing amazing holiday love!

xx LM

Daphne said...

it seem so funny!

sorry, my english, not so good!

Christina said...

Aww.. Love this! And you look amazing :] are you like a model on full time or what? First time visiting your blog so.

x Christina