Moët Rosé Indulgence Coffret

Its 12am and strangely enough i find myself browsing the Moet website..why you ask?? i heard a rumour of their new Spring 08 release and i couldnt wait to check it out!
Moet Rose has just been released for Spring 2008 and it comes packaged in a luxurious case with the inner layer been pink..of course!!!
It is said to be a seductive, glamourous champagne with the intensity first in the colour; pink, red and a tint of purple. With a taste of fresh summer fruits of raspberry and cherry, this evening champagne is said to be fresh, pulpy and fleshy with a firm finish, which makes it very savoury and something to share amongst your girlfriends of an evening.
Ooh i cannot wait, my birthday is in exactly 24 days and i now know exactly what i will be drinking....

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Anonymous said...

How much does it cost? I'm in love with it!