Grazia launches in Australia!

Yep thats right, the anticipated wait of this glossy, couture weekly (which is a top seller in the UK) has finally found a home here in Australia. ACP is the new home for this mag and whilst im jelous im not working on it im kind of laughing on the inside. Wow have you brought your copy yet? there is a total of 172 pages in this weekly issue!! Over Over time is three words i have to say, but the team has done a brilliant job delivering a jam packed issue for us on Monday morning. One question how are they going to keep this up?? You can also join me by reading their online blog.


Anonymous said...

To be honest, i find Grazia to be a complete waste of money and very bland. As a fashion magazine, it lacks substance. However some of the articles mainly towards the back, in particular travel and lifestyle are quite well written.

I must admit i was sucked into the whole hype around it but i am sure now that i will not be buying anymore issues.

ssh said...

your right, i think they have done similar to what o.k did in australia (start with the on sale price of $2.95 to get their readers and then bumped the price up).
Grazia promised readers thick executed books, but every issue get lets exciting (for you and i anway :) ). I have to say that it is far better than every other weekly mag on the stands and i guess we are just comparing it to the likes of monthly mags such as vogue, harpers etc where they have the month to deliver and execute amazing stories and fashion pages!!