// E L L E R Y FW/11//

Behind the scenes of Ellery F/W 11 campaign
Eccentric French influences- cue-Marie Antoinette, visibly sets the mood for Ellery's FW/11 look book
The featured protagonist, Texan gap-toothed model, Ashley Smith was shot on location at the magnificent Château de Champlâtreux- Paris
This extravagance for an Australian label is certainly fitting- considering the labels reputation of producing delicate decadent garments.
(However as much as i support Aussie label's and adore this campaign, believing it's Ellery's best yet- i can't help but point out it's striking resemblance of Givenchy's SS/11 Haute Couture campaign- (minus the Gold colour tones).

&&&..FINALLY Ellery has launched their brand new website- thus allowing customers (like myself), to simply right click and instantly purchase their exclusive archival pieces.
This dangerous accessiblity of online shopping could be detrimental to my current O.S holiday savings!

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rich girls. said...

beyond obsessed!
ellery is my absolute favourite.
i totally get that givenchy vibe aswell. unfortunately, it seems everyone's doing it. x.