Ok so im witnessing too many amazing creations of D.I.Y studding... and sadly none by me! This weekend im going to go vintage shopping and try and find some pieces to go crazy with D.I.Y studding.
I also want those shoes in the pics above! I was watching them put them on at fashion week and its basically a boot with long chain wrapped around the ankle, and RUMI @ Fashion Toast brought a simple pair of boots and studded around them. Perfect inspiration!
Anyone have any amazing vintage stores in melb they can suggest? i've only been here 3 weeks so still finding my way around!


Unknown said...

hey babe
head to brunswick st, they have some gorgeous vintage stores. do you have the studs to do this with? cos im struggling to find them in melbourne

ssh said...

ohh yep thats where im going!! nope ..but they have them online just google them.. havnt brought any yet as it depends on what i find as to what size studs im going to get! thanks for the help :)xx