RAFW DAY 1- Bec and Bridge and Illionaire

Wow hello, are you all extremely overwhelmed by the plethora of tweet pic updates and status updates and emails from Rosemount Sydney Fashion Week? I certainly am. I cant believe I'm not there :( i miss Sydney so much, Melbournes shitty weather is seriously out of control!
Anyway I'm a bit behind schedule on the posting front, dw i have been getting my daily fixes, just last night i was focused on my Uni power point presentation i had to present today, but the rest of the week i promise ill give you lots of updates.
And cant wait to post the runway by Dion Lee, my gosh are you talented, at just 22 years old! I love love loved his collection the best yet!
In this post is the beautiful Bec & Bridge and Illionaire. Key themes: loads of embellishing, sequins, studding, colours :) i like,.Awesome start to the week, the best is yet to come :)

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Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

C and M!!! OMG AMAZING!!
ahhh YAY for LEVI PURCHASE! i have not sent them yet cos the money isn't in my account from damn PAY PAL! it takes forever BOO. as soon as its through ill send right away! sorry wish it was instant but i am brokkkke :s haha i suck.

oh i bet melbs is freeeezing! i am so cold here...am living by the heater these days..haha

yes we should both get some sleep!

night night xxxxxxxxxxx bel

ps - i am still waiting for my RUDD to arrive too! sooo annoying!!! :(

pps - my word verification is "jumbo" - reminded me of Mean Girls..haha you know how that means Hello in africa or something. wow. i need sleep for sure.