Sorry to you all, I've neglected my blog in the past week. It was the long weekend, i went away and didn't have any internet connection, I've also been crazily busy with photo shoots and a lot of hectic personal stuff going on I've put it down to this quote-"The path you never chose, always seems to chose you".
Positive note- BRITNEY is coming to Aus, don't lie girls, i say everyone has been obsessed with her at some stage in life, both boys & girls, I've got my ticket and I'm not missing it for the world :)
But here are a few inspirational pics for style i adore atm!
PICS: Anywho


Leah07 said...

woah! did u say u had britney tickets!? i thought they wernt on sale for ages! i neeeeeed to go!

angie said...

loveeeeeeee all of ur outfits amazing!

. said...

Really sweet outfits!!