Help me decide on a tattoo!!

Atm i feel like im in a rut, im sorry im neglecting everything to do with love atm and this includes my blog, been heartbroken is probably the worst feeling in the world, and only time will heal the broken cracks. Venting is proving to get me through this and i've decided its time i get my first tattoo. Ive always been against them, for me personally as it is there for life, unless you receive laser. But i feel that i need to get something that is true to my heart and soul and allows me to remember who i am and what i stand for. Never to trust anyone but yourself and to live life to the fullest always. I want a quote along the side of my foot in small calligraphy. One problem, do you understand how difficult it is just to pick one from all that im wanting it to represent, hard decision so pls leave your fav quote as a comment and help me decide this!! Thanks and love to you all :) xx


tobaccoandleather said...

i feel the same way about deciding. i personally love tatoos and have always always wanted one, but i cant commit to one design because my interests are always changing and i get very bored with things very quickly!

but from reading that little post, and i really don't want to get too personal and im really sorry if it is, but maybe you wanting this quote tatood is part of the heartbreak process and maybe you should wait until you feel like you're out of it a bit, incase you look back at it and it always reminds you of this heartbreak.. does that make any sense? it does in my head!

i hope you find what you're looking for though!!

and hope the heartbreak goes as quickly as possible :(


tobaccoandleather said...

i just read that back and i sound like an ass.

but i do hope you feel better soon :)


Slop and Porridge said...

i want to get Audere Est Facere in Calligraphy on my foot. It means to dare is to do. I have a tattoo on my foot already- it hurt like a bitch u can see it in one of my blog pics where im wearing a big faux fur jacket- it says joy.

good luck deciding!!

xx roo

Anonymous said...

'i will never get this moment back'.

dre x

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