Inside Stams apartment

Halloween last night, im jelous just thinking about all the raging parties across the globe whilst i was sick sniffing, rocking myself to sleep with a bad case of the flu! How is this possible mr doctor when i had my flu shot this year and might i add its the beginning of summer? hmm i think my body is following in the patterns of global warming...not good!

Featured in Elle Decor this month is my #1 model's apartment- Jessica Stam. I have an obsession with interior design, which i probably never let on as my own apartment looks like a dump!

Jessica came in at #15 on the Forbes list of the worlds top 15 earning supermodels, geez she is certainly showing the rest of us up at the ripe young age of 22.

I am a wee bit upset by these photo's in that its the complete opposite of what we perceive a model house to look like. Where's the ratty, hand-me-down couch and bookcase made of cinder blocks or milk crates? Where are the beer bottles, ashtrays and stained rug? Where's the bong? What kind of 22-two-year-old is forced to live in an apartment like this, anyway?

The Moroccan doorway was left behind by a previous tenant (I love this,,whoever came up with this invention is genius!). The antique chaise was found on eBay. Stam used interior designer Rafael de Cardenas, who had a vision that didn't work in Stam's original apartment. So she moved. If I sound jealous, it's because I am seething with envy.

A rug without soy sauce stains and a table free of the clutter of magazines and bills. How ever does she do it?

Everything is lovely, I just wonder it it's appropriate for a young model of 22. Is it fun enough? Young enough? Kicky enough? But just remember this still beats my apartment so i need to shutup!

"I know being a model is not just winning the genetic lottery. It's hard work! But dudes psyched to sleep with a supermodel don't want to see this calm, tranquil oasis with muted colors and 1930s wallpaper. They want mirrors and hard edges and leopard print. Sorry, Jess, better try again… I'll just take that custom headboard off your hands…" these words taken from original story

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