She is by far my favourite Aussie deisgner. This women never ceases to amaze me! Her designs and garments are amazing, i love and appreciate the story behind every piece from her collection.
This season Alice was influenced by the evolving world of computers/technology, and in a non nerdy way i think she has achieved this 100%. I really like how she carries the colour & design themes through a few of her pieces and then moves onto a totally different colour scheme and design for the rest but still maintaing the overall 'idea' (As you can see throughout the pics below).
Im very intrigued by all her designs,& i hate when i go into David Jones and the whole collection is hanging in store but i can only leave with one item (due to the pricing of her garments..super good quality but you certainly pay for it).
Quelle suprise at the shows attendee's. It included the likes of Tallulah Morton's beau (Brad Triffet-in the pic with the skateboard) and the team from People's Revolution (if you are a fan of the hills this is where Whitney and Lauren now work) super jelous of those two i might add- i dream of their job! & we also see through out the many pics the wonderful Alice herself. She is looking so amazing and doing so well as of late- keeping in mind Wilde-Rose has just turned 1 year old. Alice spends her time floating between Bali and Australia. Bali been where her partner Nicholas X morley(who is also a designer) is situated and is also the father to Wilde-Rose..super cute name!! I think i have an obsession with the word 'super' in this post? Its obviously wayy past 12am and i should be sleeping!!
On the Runway-


Pics courtesy of the Cobra Snake


MARTA said...

i love Alice!!! she is amazing!!! i had the chance to help her when she was in Paris 2 years ago.
she has the best style ever. amazing design.

~erin~ said...

i love alice too. i became a big fan of her designs while living in sydney in 2006. just wondering where this show was? where did you get these photos from?

cleo said...

alice is amazing...photos are great too...cant wait to get some piece!!!