Zimmermann Resort 2012.

Sexed up Resort 2012 campaign has taken the term 'hot' to steamy new levels.
Fresh faced Aussie models Nicole Pollard and Lydia Collins are print-heavy in swimsuit pieces with epic tans and delicate jewellery for accessories.

So Who exactly is the Zimmermann girl?
Nicky Zimmermann: Who we take as our core girl is someone who likes things that have a point of view. I mean we do a lot of prints so she’s a confident girl that does want something that’s a bit more individual. A girl that’s interested in fashion obviously and inevitably our girl’s usually pretty hot (laughs). Really when we do a collection it is about a girl that appreciates something with a point of view and not after a churned out garment. It’s someone who genuinely appreciates the time and effort we put into each garment.


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