Anja Rubik and Camilla Akrans team up once again for the latest Numéro. And the styling in this is freakin' amazing! Every outfit is perfect. Im completly obsessed with that bustier black bodysuit and the white lace top at the bottom. I actually purchased a vintage one just like this a while ago ive completly forgotten about.
Model: Anja Rubik
Magazine: Numero #106


Lisa & Cathy said...

i love the last picture
its a graceful outfit but she makes it look somewhat rebellious because of her face expression

Victoria Hart said...

I just love anything that Anja does, she always looks phenomenal!

Ash Fox said...

anja is insane! i just love her!



Anonymous said...

Watch Anja on my coverage of NY fashion week with Elle

Anonymous said...

Hey I really love Vogue and like your blog I have started my own fashion blog but I have no followers! I love Anja's work! Thanks

Meg said...

I love the second to last photos. So gorgeous!

Sasha said...

i love this!

Anonymous said...

I love all of these pictures !!