MET Costume Gala

MET Costume Gala
My favourites were: Gisele in Versace ( so AMAZING, i loved the whole outfit and her body is out of control), the Olsen twins, and Jessica Biel (who I'm usually not a fan of, but her red dress looked amazing on her, i want it!) Anna Rubjik in Balmain ofcourse top kudos to this :)
Madonna really should have left the Louis Vuitton outfit on the runway, some garments really don't have a place at public events, this is one of them. Rhianna- i really dont think that D&G suit did anything for her, also not sure what was going on with Kate Moss, she's definitely seen better days.


Mia said...

yes, madonna should not been dressed that way! what was she thinking??

Adair said...

I was thinking about posting about this, you beat me to it haha x

INES said...

gorgeous outfits