Exclusive with Model Tallulah Morton

One of our home grown Aussies, and one of Australia's most young successful models currently leading the international runways, Tallulah Morton debuted her career at the ripe young age of 14. And I couldn't be more excited to share with you all the few questions i asked her via the lovely social network site, myspace.

Tell us something od about yourself?
i cant touch my shoulder on my right arm

What is it like living in paris as a model?
its soooo much fun!

Who is your favourite aussie fashion designer?
umm i have a few, romance was born, ksubi, lover, josh goot!

Whats currently on play in your itunes?
rolling stones-wild horses

What could we find in your handbag at the moment?
umm nothing to exiting, all the normal stuff..

Favourite style icon?
i dont actually have one, i kinda just like peoples outfits here and there!

When back in australia whats the best thing to do?
chilling out, the best thing ever and seeing my friends!

Your favourite fashion parade so far?
josh goot (my first show ever) and john galliano! sooo amazing

What do you hate to be without?
my treasure chest

Worst thing about your job?
early mornings, shooting summer in winter and winter in summer on location.

How did you begin your career?
i kept getting people comming up to me on the street and telling me i had to be a model, and so i went to an agency, and i thaught i just be doing like one or two jobs a year, but i got sent to vikki (scene) in sydney, I met mark vassallo and justin smith and boom

Who is your favourite photographer to work with?
i dont have a faveriot (becides justin) anyone fun i guess!

What do you alaways carry with you when you travel?
my treasure chest

What beauty products are must haves?
anything dermalogica, amazing products.

Describe your personal style?
it all depends on what mood im in when im getting dressed!

Favourite city to shop?
PARISSS!!! everywhere you go theres some little weird awsome shop!

How do you pass the time when you are waiting around on set?
haha theres not much waiting on sets, but if there is it depends on who im working for!

Any special purchases recently?
so much shopping, i got this really weird fur jacket its like creamy coloured with black spots, i think its like monkey, or a snow leopard.

If you wernt modelling where would you like to be?
ide love to be in a band, the lead singer! jumping and getting crazy on stage haha

What cant you live without?
Dr.Pepper and once again, my treasure chest

Do you have a nickname?
jac (my best friend) calls me tally

How do you keep slim and fit?
i have no idea! i eat alot of fruit, and vegies!

So what next? what are you excited about thats coming up?
youll have to wait and see..

What bag are you wearing atm?
YSL muse

Who are your fav designer to buy and wear?
YSL, ksubi, romance was born!

What are you reading atm?
scar tissue

What fragrance are you wearing?
Narciso Rodriguez

Must have snacks you always carry with you?
mentos and dr.pepper.
A note from Tallulah;
p.s. my treasure chest, is a little treasure chest with my polaroids, letters ive receved, special jewls, and anything special. : )

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I wish I have her height!

Any clothe looks good on her

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