MY GLUTEN Free Breakfast Meal Plans

Shorts by: Elliott Label

I receive many emails from my readers in regards to my diet and eating plans and so today I would like to share with you my first meal plan, what i eat for breakfast.

Some of you may or may not be aware i in fact suffer from coeliac disease and i'm also a pescatarian. (This diet includes seafood but no other flesh (meat) from other animals). 

So what does coeliac disease mean?
(I'll give you the short definition) 

It means my immune system reacts abnormally to gluten (a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats), causing small bowel damage. 
The lining of the bowel becomes inflamed and flattened when consuming gluten and does not allow the body to absorb nutrients as normal, thus becoming a very serious health issue if not treated or diagnosed correctly.

So yes, I am now that person who has to check every menu when eating out for gluten-free options and carefully read each label on products in the supermarket aisle. 
However, it is all worth it for the benefit of my own health. 

Before i was diagnosed with coeliac disease, I was the girl who ate only sugar and lollies for breakfast, lunch and dinner and seriously wondered how everyone enjoyed food so much??!!
 Every time i ate food i felt sick, bloated etc etc and little did i know the reason why i was getting so tired, sick, lethargic, no energy, miagraines, terrible skin, dry hair etc was in fact because i suffered from coeliac disease and no nutrients, iron etc was absorbing in to my body. 
Since been diagnosed i finally have found a love for food! And i can't stress how important your diet is for your over all health and well-being.

The scary statistics are: 1 in 100 Australians are in fact affected by this disease with 75% of the population still remaining undiagnosed! Scary huh! 


1. Food for health- The fruit free clusters: If i could live on these alone i would! These are amazing, not only do they taste amazing with their nutty cinnamon flavour, but they are high nutritional value too. 

(These are what turned me from a sugar-phene, eating chocolate and lollies for literally breakfast, lunch and dinner, to falling in love with nutritional food. Now i rarely eat chocolate and lollies!!)

Food For Health’s clusters are high in fibre, with flaxseeds, psyllium and the super food chia. Chia is an ancient grain that has more omega 3, protein and dietary fibre than any other food from nature. These clusters are also gluten free, fructose friendly, dairy free, peanut free and Australian owned and made!

2. I add fresh organic strawberries and blueberries (i just ran out of blueberries for this image) to my clusters

3. I mix my clusters and fresh fruit with Barambah organics strawberry yoghurt

All of these i buy from Thomas Dux. The food for health fruit free clusters are also available in select Coles and Safeway/Woolworths supermarkets.

Once mixed in, it resembles something like the below.

On weekends or when eating out for breakfast i opt for; scrambled eggs on gluten free toast with smashed avocado and grilled tomato.

If you have any great gluten free recipes you would love to share please feel free to email me.


nata said...

very intersting this article. thanks for informations
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clarice said...

lovely meal... gluten is a danger so keep up with this menu!