// V I N T A G E P R I N T//


A little throw back to vintage issues of print and magazines.

Whilst cleaning my room and re-arranging that horrid stack of magazines I've collected over the years, I've noticed a considerable trend with every issue/month/year each copy has definitely advanced in some way or another.
 Hence the inspiration to  take to the archives on the Internet and dig deep for old copies of print.

The beauty that lie in these prints is never ending. It goes back to era's in time, where print actually held authenticity, purpose and ultimately served as a means to deliver and communicate art, fashion and ideas that could only be reached from this medium by the mass public

Now-a-days with the ubiquitous nature of the Internet means that everything is only a heartbeat or a blink-of-the-eye away for us to access. It is in a way some-what sad to see print has lost its purpose and authenticity. Now we're most likely to see the same cover image on multiple titles world-wide along with the same regurgitated gossip and stories. 
I think that's ultimately why i adore or have a lot more time and appreciation for the authors and artist's of the images above.

These images embrace such a sense of freedom and creative reign, which is only heightened by the predominant use of black and white film
There’re images of tragic romanticism, celebrations of femininity, representations of strength and the portrayal of revolutionary looks that remain coveted and iconic today.

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