10 Facts you didnt know about me?

I've been tagged by the wonderful LoveMore she has amazing style and her blog is a top read!
Ok so i need to list 10 things about me! Im not very good at listing things about myself but here i go;
1. I'm the worlds biggest procastinator
2. Once i open a packet of something i must eat the entire thing no matter how sick i make myself feel
3. Im extremley self-confident- even tho you really couldnt tell
4. For my 21st bday i want to swim with the dolphins at seaworld and a ticket to a Victoria Secret Show haha
5. when i was a kid i had to eat weetbix every morning for breaky, now i nearly vomit at the sight of it!
6.i love been the centre of attention
7.I have the shortest attention span in the world, i cant even sit through on episode of the hills before i have to get up and do something else.
8. My favourite lollie is Columbines mmm
9. i wish i could go back in time to meet Andy Warhol and partake in his factory adventures
10. I have an addiction with wriggleys spearmint chewy gum

PICS: source unknown


Tereza Š. said...

I love that pictures! and we are all the same in habbit of eating whole packs of food :)

No said...

ok first off, are those leather thigh high socks in that picture? i know how it feels to be ill over food, i once ate a dozen oatmeal pies on a dare now I dryheave everytime i even think about eating them...:-)

Abby said...

oh they do look like leather thigh highs. rad pictures.

I want to go see a Victoria Secret show! How cool.


i.d. said...

Love this list! (Although I may be able to compete for world's biggest procrastinator, lol...)